DESIRE Training Courses

Three training courses have been successfully conducted in Germany and Italy for the instructors and students from Jordan and Syria in the framework of DESIRE project which is funded by the Eramus+ program of the European Commission. The main focus of these courses is Socio-economic impacts of the renewable energy and energy efficiency implementation.

The first training course was held in Wuppertal by Wuppertal institute from July 3rd to 14th, 2017, The second training course was held in Rome by SAPIENZA University of Rome, from July 10th to 21st, 2017, and the third training course was held in Dresden by Technical University of Dresden, from July 17th to 28th, 2017

The training courses focused on the sustainable energy system transformation, the socio-economic impacts of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency implementation and the sustainable environmental development. They also included practical sessions and exercises on pricing and investment of renewable energy projects and a two-days training for GAMS energy management soft

are. Additionally, the training courses included practical training on the design of photovoltaic system for residential building and practical laboratory sessions to Wind Energy, Fuel cell and batteries, Biofuels use in Engine, Biomass/Gasification, and Micro-Hydro.

Furthermore, several scientific excursions to energy facilities in three sites were conducted within the course plan. In this context, excursions to Wuppertal Utility, Larderello Geothermal plant, Italian thermo-electric plant, ENEA research Centre and SolarWATT solar PV manufacturer were undertaken.

A total number of 24 professors and 18 students from Jordan and Syria have participated in these courses from different technical backgrounds.

“It was a great success for the project capacity building program” stated the project coordinator, Dr. Louy Qoaider of the German Jordanian University. He continued, “This training helps instructors and students to better understand technical and socio-economic issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency field in countries that are either experiencing great progress or foresee to take off in this field.

The DESIRE Project is a three years’ project deals with the development and the sustainable implementation of higher education teaching materials in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency with emphasis on their socio-economic impact. The German Jordanian University if the grant holder of the project with a consortium includes nine partners from six countries.

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