Scoping and needs analysis

Sapienza University of Rome

Task 1.1 : Survey on REEE Study Programme

Task 1.2 : Analysis of collected Data

Task 1.3 : Survey on European Offer for REEE Courses

Task 1.4 : Benchmark for REEE Programme

Task 1.5: Workshop on Surveys’ Results

This work package aims at scoping the current situation of renewable energy and energy efficiency (REEE) teaching in the beneficiary partners including the extent of how the socio-economic dimension of REEE is represented in the study programmes.

The planned screening will define the number and the scope of the existing REEE university teaching programmes in the beneficiary countries. This shall lead to a better understanding of how comprehensive these programmes are in terms of covering essential study areas of REEE, namely the socio-economic aspects, which are required for the enhancement of the knowledge level amongst the graduates/trainees to enable a sustainable development of the REEE sector in these countries.

The above exercise will lead to conduct needs analysis aiming at improving the existing or planned REEE study programmes to include missing components mainly the socio-economic impacts.

In parallel to that, the European partners will conduct another survey to define and investigate the presence and coverage of the socio-economic dimension in leading EU universities. This  aims at developing a benchmark for the DESIRE project that supports its development activities

The work package will commence directly after the kick-off meeting in the first month and shall continue for 7 months with active participation by all partners. A workshop is planned by the end of the 7 months in Wuppertal in order to monitor progress, review the main findings and exchange information and reports.