Creating Inter-regional Network

The University of Jordan

Task 2 .1 : DESIRE Network and List of Members

The goal of this working package is to create a platform of the leading teaching institutions, companies, universities and NGOs in the different fields of renewable energy in order to exchange information, knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, this WP aims at effective connection of project partner on one hand with the associated partners on the other hand, to enrich the project content especially during preparation of the teaching and training modules. During implementation phase, this WP shall facilitate communication with implementing associated partners and support them logistically and technically by efficient communication to project partners.

The networking can be achieved by subscribing a special e-form on the project website and defining the list of network members. Several activities can be accomplished upon creation of the network that includes market study survey, up-to-date information, networking activities such as conferences and staff exchange.

Furthermore, this work package aims at the integration of previous experiences of successful projects conducted by member in the network. These include but not limited to:

  • Master program on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REMENA) - supported by DAAD.

  • Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency(RCREEE) supported by BMZ-GIZ

  • Desertec University Network (DUN)

  • Desertec Institute for socioeconomic studies (DISEM)

  • Renewable Energy for the MENA region (enerMENA) (DLR supported)

  • Quality Evaluation for Engineering Education in MENA (TEMPUS)


Learning from these experience in the framework of the network shall have positive impact on the realisation of the project and should guarantee its sustainability.