Project Implementation

German Jordanian University

Task 5.1: Implementation plan and strategy.


Task 5.2 : Pilot implementation of DESIRE Courses (selection of courses)


Task 5.3: Implementation (teaching) of DESIRE Courses

The objective of this work package is to implement the prepared teaching and training modules as well as to upload and disseminate the online teaching modules amongst the target groups.

The first step to reach the objective is establish a systematic and well-defined implementation plan for the new modules firstly amongst the partners and later associated partners and other parties.

The implementation plan should include milestones and detailed activities to organise the implementation process of the teaching modules at targeted institutions. This is an essential step for the success of the entire project. The implementation plan must lay out how the modules will be implemented, how to oversee the implementation process to ensure the progress of the implementation to be completed on time and within budget. Stakeholders must agree to the implementation plan in order to get involved in it and to guarantee their support for it.

Synergy and harmony are needed between different partners to guarantee successful implementation of the project at all partner institutions. This should be considered in the implementation plan.