Capacity Building

University of Cyprus

Task 4.1:  Capacity Building Plan.


Task 4.2:  Training Sessions for Teaching Staff


Task 4.3:  Training Sessions for Researchers and Students


Task 4.4: Academic Workshops for Transferring Know-how and Skills

The aim of this work package is to develop a staff capacity development programme in the field of socio-economic impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The capacity-building programme will be designed by UCY in close cooperation with partners in beneficiary countries (GJU, UJ, CU, AU, DU, TU) based on the arising needs in coordination and support from the European partners. UCY, which is leading this work package, will implement specific training in analysing the social and economic impacts of renewable energy. The focus of the activities will be on developing human resources and upgrading skills and capacities in this field by providing exposure to practical training, experiments and statistical analysis methods. This working package will include training sessions, workshops, technical assistance and counselling services which will be organized for professors, students, engineers, technicians, end-users and researchers.